Bitcoin private key hack

clipboard virus for intercepting bitcoin payments

A clipboard Virus is a program or malware that does not attack the entire computer, but rather and only attacks the memory of the of the clipboard. It’s important to start by first saying, this virus is the easiest of our software. The only problem you’ll encounter is importing all the private keys generated by the software.

This software only has to be installed on the victims computer and you need to be sure the victim actually uses that computer to make bitcoin payments.

This software is available for windows, Android and IOS. The cheapest is for Windows and the most expensive is for IOS.

I’ll explain how it works for all three platforms below so don’t worry. The software does not cause any malfunctions and no one will ever know until they find out the money sent never reached it’s intended destination.

Actually, it’s a process. Yes. A process that stays in the background without causing any “trouble” until the right time comes. Once the clipboard virus does it’s “job” it’s going to remain silent for the rest of the day. That way, the victim won’t know what happened. Sometimes they blame themselves for not paying attention to what they were copying. But the next day, it’s up and ready again. What makes it better than any other virus is that it cannot be uninstalled. You’ll only have to restore your system or completely install a new operating system.

clipboard virus

Clipboard virus for Windows Operating system

This is the easiest to use and the most affordable of these malwares.  It requires you to only do 3 important things:

  1. Generate a huge number of wallet addresses with their private keys ( from the host which will be provided after payment is made). These are the addresses the malware will randomly pick one of and replace with the one copied by the victim. I mentioned a huge number because the clipboard virus has to replace the wallet address with one that looks identical to the one copied. It does the comparison to the first 3 characters and the last 2. Very few people check the entire wallet address when it’s pasted.
  2. Import all the generated  private keys into a blockchain wallet. If this wallet is installed on a phone email notification enabled, it’ll help to get a notification any time a payment is received. If this isn’t done, it’ll be difficult to know when a payment is received. You’ll have to check the balance of all the wallets. Imagine doing so for 10000 wallet addresses…..It’s better to import all. The downside of this is that, the wallet takes a long time to load. Up to minutes since it automatically checks the balance of all the imported wallet address before submitting the available balance.
  3. The third and final stage is to get people to have the virus installed. It’s not complicated. When the victim double clicks, the software will disappear and that’s it. It’s left as a process in the background and actually carries the name of a normal or required computer process. If the victim does not install a new operating system, then it’ll remain where it is.  The victim just needs to double click on a tiny file and that’s it. In some cases, it may take up to months before the victim decides to do a bitcoin transaction using his PC. Also, if he wants to copy wallet address and send to someone else or to another device, he’ll end up sending yours if he or she doesn’t crosscheck it before sending. So, you’ll need rename the file to something the client is trying to install, and then you can have the link and share it with potential victims. A website with huge traffic is a great  option or a social media post. What ever the case, the more people have it in their PC, the greater the chance of receiving payments. If you can get it into up to 100 devices, then even if you don’t receive payments daily, you’ll not go a week without receiving a payment.